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                                can provide specific short or long- term customized services in…

                     State Required Services, Instructional Program Implementation, and Legal Training

Independent Contractors


In these tough financial times, an alternative to full-time staff  or stretching staff so thin is that of independent contractors (IC checklist.pdf).  Fully credentialed, our team can provide short or long-term services that are customized to your school or district needs without the costs of employee benefits. We contract services on a daily rate and pay our own taxes.  There is no need for office space, equipment or materials. We meet with you to design specific services, present you with a work proposal, and upon approval, provide “by the job” services. We take care of invoices and payment is rendered after services have been completed. 

The SOS Team

Our team has been in the education field as teachers, specialists, principals, and district office staff for over thirty-five years.  We have experienced every aspect of state and federal regulations and have implemented categorical programs in a variety of districts and settings. We have been responsible for curriculum, instruction, and assessment implementation/monitoring, and revision.  We have trained numerous teachers, instructional assistants, leadership teams, site and district leaders as well as beginning teachers with exemplary results.

            We can bring that expertise to your school or district for short or long-term customized services.

                       We can also present the proposal to Board of Trustee and Management Teams

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